Promoting Firearms Safety Training!
Promoting firearms safety training!


The Civilian Marksmanship Program respects the privacy of every person who participates in CMP sponsored events, sales, competitions and other CMP activities. CMP does not sell customer information to any third party. CMP does supply such information where required to verify eligibility to participate or purchase firearms.
By registering to compete in any CMP event, submitting an application of any kind and for any purpose to CMP, registering for any forum moderated by CMP, registering for CMP's on-line store, or making application to purchase any product CMP sells, you agree to the CMP privacy policy contained in this document.

The CMP collects personal information about you from the following sources:

CMP will use such information to:

On rare occasions CMP may be obligated to share such information with law enforcement officers upon their request.
Non public personal information collected from you is stored in secured warehouses subject to limited access by employees who undergo criminal background checks.
CMP websites place one or more cookies on the visitors web browsers to collect miscellaneous traffic data, and maintain application status.
The CMP maintains two email lists, Shooter's News and Sales Updates. The CMP periodically sends Shooter's News bulletins and notifications about the posting of new articles on its on-line newsletter The First Shot On-Line. The CMP will add your email address to these distribution lists for these email communications. Your name is added either by an explicit online subscription, or by registering for an event.
By default, when you register for an event you are added to these two distribution lists. You have the right to decline to be added to either list when you register. If you are already a member of a CMP newsletter list, declining to register for CMP related updates will not change your existing status.
You may unsubscribe or opt out of mailing lists
The unsubscribe page for CMP Competitor Tracker may be found at
The unsubscribe page for sales may be found at
Errors in contact information may be corrected by notification to
To contact a CMP official regarding this policy please email
For inquiries or feedback for the CMP Auction Site please email

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